WATCH: Tucker Carlson vs sanctuary city mayor: ‘Hard to take a lecture from you on the Constitution’

By: Fox News

Tucker Carlson debated Kathy Sheehan (D), the mayor of Albany, N.Y., over the legitimacy of her municipality being a sanctuary city.

Carlson laid out statistics that showed that almost every arrested member of the dangerous gang MS-13 is an illegal immigrant.

“Isn’t that all the proof we need that immigration policy has a direct effect on crime?” he asked.

Sheehan said it is helpful to have federal law enforcement assist localities like New York State’s capital, but that she will not order her police to go around “checking papers.”

“A sanctuary city by definition offers sanctuary to people here illegally,” Carlson said.

Sheehan said that such a name does not mean Albany is “hiding undocumented immigrants in the basement of city hall.”

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