“Anyone who comes here illegally is not fit to stay.  If your very first act in this country is to violate our laws and commit a felony, you have established that you are unfit as a true American and you are not welcome.”



America has benefited from legal immigration.  Chances are good that if you are reading this your parents, your grand parents or your great grandparents immigrated to this county.  The difference between lawful immigration and illegal immigration is the difference between robbing a bank or withdrawing money from your own account.  One is morally right.  One is a crime.  One supports the Rule of Law and our Constitution, and another mocks our laws, our values, our culture and our border.

What Crisis?

The “immigration crisis” is self imposed by weak political leaders.  We actually have normal, reasonable and sane immigration laws.  Not much different than any other country.  The Federal Government, due to poor leadership, has failed to enforce these rather routine laws.  There are a few core duties for the Federal Government.  One of them is securing the borders.   But for some strange reason, the United States is condemned by Democrats and other dedicated leftists who believe our borders should be open.  Open to terrorists.  Open to drug cartels.  Open to people spreading pandemics.  Open to sex traffickers.  Open to gun runners.  And open for just about anyone who wants to come here and use our schools, our roads, our hospitals and take jobs away from citizens.  The truth about illegal immigration is that it is theft of citizenship.   No other country in the world has open borders.

Not All Are Dreamers

The Left finds a few young adults whose families are here illegally and trot them out like props, saying “see, this person got good grades and wants to be a social worker.  That is her dream, to live here as a citizen.”  These so called “dreamers” are used as “proof” that these are all good people who will make good citizens.  The problem is, that is false.  Out of millions of illegal aliens, some may be nice people.  Some are certainly felons.  Some are certainly violent repeat offenders.  The truth is, there will be good and bad among them, but for all of them, it is irrelevant.  You are either here legally or not.  Whether you are a nice person or a serial rapist, you have no business here if you broke our laws getting here.

The Solution–Protect America Under Law (PAUL-PAC)

We must secure our borders first.  It’s not hard.  We know how to do this.  Fences work.  Drones work.  Patrols work.  We can do this easily.  It is time “We the People” stand up and say enough is enough!  The Federal Government has a constitutional, legal and moral duty to secure our borders and we must elect leaders who take this responsibility seriously.  PAUL-PAC will find a select few candidates for federal office that believe in securing our borders, will oppose amnesty for criminals, understand the importance of our Constitution, and fight in DC for the people.  We will support such candidates financially, or with polling and other related costs.

We are a nation of laws.  When we fail to live by and enforce our laws we put everything that makes us a great nation at risk.

Illegal drug smugglers, human traffickers, criminals and murderers, sex trade operators, and others to cross our borders illegally, burden our schools and our jails and our hospitals, and expect the people of our nation to continue paying the price.  We must stop this!

Below is PAUL-PAC’s Three Point Plan for solving today’s problems:

  1. Secure our borders:  Increase border security. Invest in new technology for surveillance of high risk areas.  Empower border states to be a part of the process of protecting their own back yards.
  2. Enforce existing laws: Zero tolerance for those caught in our nation illegally committing crimes.  Deportations must continue and be fair, swift and certain.
  3. Pass meaningful legislation to address shortfalls of current immigration system.  One area that could use reform is returning to a guest worker program in industries that certify they cannot find adequate labor in the local communities.  If able to certify that there is a labor shortage, then guest workers can be brought in to work.  And only work.  No welfare entitlements.  No schools.  No free health care.  No citizenship and no amnesty.