As the public debate on ​DACA​ ​continues, it is vital that the facts remain clear despite Washington Democrats and the liberal mainstream media’s attempt to mislead the American people.

Here are the facts you need to know about the most common DACA myths:

  1. MYTH: President Obama’s DACA program is lawful
    FACT: In reality, Obama’s DACA program clearly violated federal law. How do we know? President Obama said it himself. In a 2011 town hall, he acknowledged:“There are enough laws on the books by Congress that are very clear in terms of how we have to enforce our immigration system that for me to simply through executive order ignore those congressional mandates would not conform with my appropriate role as President.”Repeatedly, prior to his 2012 announcement of DACA, President Obama admitted he had no legal authority to ignore federal immigration law. But bowing to politics in an election year, he reversed course to authorize the program in what he even then called “a temporary stopgap measure.”
  2. MYTH: Rescinding DACA will lead to immediate, mass deportation.
    FACT: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sets enforcement priorities that focuses on convicted criminals, recent illegal entry and visa overstays. These priorities have not and will not change.
  3. MYTH: Rescinding DACA targets helpless children
    FACT: There is a misconception that DACA beneficiaries are children. While they were minors when entering the United States,  the overwhelming majority are adults. The average person who has received a work permit under DACA is in his or her mid-20s. They range from ages 15 to 36.
  4. MYTH: DACA was intended to be a permanent solution.
    FACT: Upon its announcement, President Obama declared, DACAis “not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure,” adding “[p]recisely because this is temporary, Congress needs to act.” Even he understood ignoring federal law was not the solution, Congress addressing the laws is the only solution.
  5. MYTH: Rescinding DACA will prevent 800,000 non-criminals who came here through no fault of their own from ever being able to work and contribute to American society.
    FACT: The DACA program was not a viable permanent solution, and it was irresponsible for President Obama and Democrats in Congress to present it as such. The program was unlawful, and based on President Obama’s own words people benefitting from it should have known it was temporary.  It’s now up to Congress to act.