Illegal immigrant deported multiple times, trafficked son in Alabama

By: Alabama Today

An illegal immigrant — who has twice been deported,  once in 2011 and again in 2012 — is being held in federal custody for forcing his teenage son into a sexual relationship with a Huntsville, Ala. man in exchange for money.

In 2014, the man reentered the United States, illegally smuggling his son from Honduras with him and has since forced in son into at least one sexual relationship.

Madison County investigators arrested Huntsville-resident Billy Randolph Edwards in late September following an ongoing investigation by the sheriff’s office and the Department of Homeland Security. Edwards was paying money to be in a sexual relationship with the boy. He faces sex abuse, sodomy, and human trafficking with the teen.

Court documents reveal a note found in Edwards’ home from the victim’s father asking Edwards to pay $25,000 even after the sexual relationship ended, threatening Edwards that he would go to the authorities.

Jail records reveal Edwards posted bail the same day as his arrest. He has a hearing  in Huntsville November 2.

The boy’s father remains in federal custody.