Did you know?

No other country in the world allows people of any age to walk across their borders and claim citizenship?

The so called “dreamers” include hard core criminals, gang members, rapists and others as long as they haven’t yet been convicted of their crimes?

The so called “dreamers” don’t have to have been brought to the United States as “young children” by their criminal parents.  This is a lie spread by the left and by Obama when he was president.  The truth is a 15 year old MS-13 gang member can simply prance across the border with a backpack full of drugs and be considered a “dreamer.”  Even against his parents wishes.

The open border leftists claim DACA is for “dreamers” to go to college or the military. In truth all DACA requires is an online class or high school course and there is no requirement to actually complete the class.  This is a far cry from “they are all going to college to be doctors”  that you are being sold.

Most DACA “dreamers” are low skilled workers taking entry level jobs from real Americans who respect the laws of this country.

Don’t believe the propaganda that each “dreamer” is a valedictorian or hero of some type. They are low skilled and average to below average people who violate our laws.  For those who did well in our public schools that you paid for they should go back to their country of origin and use their skills to help their own country.

If Congress gives amnesty today to millions of “dreamers” what about the criminals who cross tomorrow?  And the next day?  They will bring their kids and be “dreamers” all over again.

There is no end to the open border game plan.

Criminals will be encouraged to bring people here illegally if we reward “dreamers” with citizenship.  Why not?

Again. No other country in the world allows minors to have citizenship just because they crossed a border illegally.  This is national suicide.

It is false to say it’s “only” one million “children” (the dreamers can be up to age 36).  Under our “chain migration” rules once the “dreamers” get citizenship — you guessed it– they can bring in the rest of their family including the parents who brought them here illegally.  That could extend this amnesty to tens of millions more.