What is PAUL-PAC?  

PAUL-PAC is a federally recognized non-multicandidate leadership political action committee created by Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ).   It is not affiliated with Congressman Gosar’s campaign committee.

What is its purpose?

PAUL-PAC was created to identify and support candidates for federal office that deserve to be elected or re-elected based on their diligence and commitment to the Rule of Law, enforcing and securing our borders, and fighting against amnesty.  Other factors that will be considered are the candidate’s history and commitment to our nation’s natural resources through multi-use programs, including development and extraction.  Candidates who have a strong record on free market capitalism, support for our nation’s infrastructure needs,  and understand and value the importance of our Constitution will also be supported.  In short, candidates who have a back bone and want to keep this country great.

Is my donation tax deductible?


Why a PAC?

By pooling our resources we can have a bigger impact than if we just donate to campaigns individually.  PAUL-PAC will also take the time to research and check candidates to ensure that the money is going to a true candidate with principles, not someone who talks a good game during election season.

What types of expenses can PAUL-PAC make on my behalf?

PAUL-PAC will be able to give money to select candidates to support their election efforts.  It is also legally able to donate to political parties.  In addition, PAUL PAC can purchase election services, such as consultants, polling, advertising and travel on behalf of candidates or issues supported by PAUL PAC.  In addition to supporting candidates directly or indirectly, PAUL PAC will have its own administrative expenses, including accounting costs, legal fees, compliance fees, travel and at times, it may have paid staff.  That is just the cost of doing business these days.

Is there a limit on how much I can donate?

Yes.  $5,000 per calendar year.  Any amount you are able to give will be greatly appreciated.

I’m married.  Can my spouse also donate?

Yes.  Married couples are treated as separate individuals who each have separate donation limits.

Can I max out but then have my friends or employees donate and then I reimburse them later?

No.  That is a very bad idea and illegal. Don’t do that.


What does PAUL-PAC have against illegal aliens anyways?

A lot.  The Rule of Law is the basis for an orderly and fair society.  Justice can only be achieved when the government treats everyone the same.  As applied to illegal aliens, they violate the very essence of national sovereignty and represent a threat to the Rule of Law and an orderly and policy directed immigration program.  Millions of people from around the world want to immigrate to the United States.  People in Asia, Europe and Africa would like a shot here too.  The mere fact that central Americans are closer does not give them any legal or moral authority to walk in here and take advantage of our society.